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Achihera No Stretchmark Therapy


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Stretch Marks are a scaring of the skin, resulting from sudden changes in growth such as puberty, rapid weight gains or muscle building. It mostly commonly occurs during pregnancy and is something pregnant women fear. The tell-tale markings are unpredictable, unsightly and embarrassing.

Climb back in your bathing suit with confidence, thanks to Achihera‘s No Stretchmark Therapy. Using scientific advances in ingredient technology, we have formulated a cosmetic miracle to successfully treat and prevent Stretch Marks.

  • Fades the appearance of Stretch Marks (striae)
  • Moisturises and nourishes skin for increased elasticity
  • Reduces inflammation caused by stress on the skin
  • Provides a smoother surface and even complexion


For best results use Achihera No Stretchmark Therapy followed by the Skin Conditioning Transformation Oil.

Size: 50g

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