1Q) Are your products safe?
A) Achihera by Achihera contains natural, safe ingredients. We guarantee our products do not contain any steroids, hydroquinone or mercury. Your safety is our top priority.
2Q) What are the side effects of using Achihera brightening cream?
A) Our products use only natural ingredients and are safe for all skin types. Achihera brightening cream can cause skin lightening on areas it is applied to. Dark spots and hyper pigmentation cannot be treated without lightening and our products contain natural fruit acids.
3Q) When will I notice results?
A) Most people notice visible results as early as 3 days. Results vary depending on your skin type and typically take up to 14days.
4Q) Are Achihera results permanent and should I continue using the product after I achieve my desired skin tone?
A) After achieving the desired result, you may stop using Achihera brightening cream daily but it is important to continue to use the product often to maintain results. Results are permanent as long as you do not expose your skin to the sun. Over-exposure to the sun should be avoided by all skin types.
5Q) How should Achihera brightening cream be applied?
A) Apply the product on your face or areas that you need to brighten.
6Q) Does Achihera work on all skin types?
A) Yes, our products have been proven to work on all skin types. Every race, skin type colour and gender.
7Q) Can I return the product for a refund?
A) Yes, but please check our Returns Policy for details.
8Q) Do you ship to countries outside of the United Kingdom?
A) Yes, we accept all International orders and we ship worldwide using Parcelforce.
9Q) How long does it take to receive my order?
A) We usually process orders within 2-3 days business days. When your order is processed, you receive a notification in your email with a tracking number that allows you to see where your order is and when it will be delivered.
10Q) Which Product to Choose?
A) Please note, we do not advise customers on the best product to choose from, or suggest which product will produce customer`s desired result due to skin differences. What works for one person may not work for another in the exact manner. We simply advise every customer to research each product ingredients and determine the suitability of such ingredients and product for their personal use.

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