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No one likes acne, spots and pimples appearing on their face. Besides feeling itchy, they make our face look bad, which can mean we feel less confident being seen by other people. Most people will try anything to get rid of these skin issues, including facial treatments to remove pimples. However, since it is quite expensive, most of us use other alternatives, that we really should not use at all.

Squeeze the pimples

There are still many people that prefer this instant way to remove pimples. Sure, the acne will look flat, but you will only make your face and skin looks worse. How? After squeezing your pimples, you might be left with some black scars. These scars are more difficult to treat than the pimple itself, and it takes much longer before they completely vanish. That’s why we should never squeeze spots and pimples. It is better to let them go in their own time.

Rub your face too hard

When you wash your face with facial wash or scrub, make sure to do it gently. If you do it too hard, your face must deal with skin irritation. In the worst case, it might leave black scars on your face. Before you start, check that your facial wash is suitable for your skin. You can consult a dermatologist and ask which products suit your skin type. This avoids having to continually change your facial wash, which is absolutely a bad thing to do.

Apply too much make-up

Applying make-up is another alternative to remove pimples. It does not exactly remove the spots, but hides the problem from view. There is nothing wrong with this method. However, it is better not to apply make-up it excessively. If you decide to use a high amount of foundation, too much will only worsen your acne. Just apply your make-up thinly on your face. But if you do have a serious acne problem, it’s probably best not to wear any make-up.

Apply toothpaste on the pimples

“If you have acne, treat it with a toothpaste”. That is a popular myth about acne treatment that some people still believe. First of all, that method is so wrong. Secondly, the reason why it is called ‘toothpaste’ is because we should only use it to brush our teeth, not to remove pimples. Applying it to our face is not a good idea; some of the side effects include irritation, allergy, swelling, blisters, and more. Instead of using toothpaste, you can smear your face with fresh fruits or veggies such as cucumber, avocado, coconut, and so on. That way is a lot safer.

Pimples are irritating to most people, but it does not mean that we must resort to one of the four ways mentioned above. Those are not the right ways to remove pimples since they will only worsen your skin problems. There are many ways to treat them well using natural ingredients. Try BHA Lotion Blemish & Pimples Eraser from Achihera. It is safer, easier, and certainly more effective. Or, you could just let your pimples heal themselves.

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